To reach a sustainable planet, we take responsibility by choosing sustainable production, sustainable materials and sustainable design methods in our journey. In this way, we at Yavuzçehre maintain sustainability together with our employees, nature, society and stakeholders. We care about yesterday, today and tomorrow, and develop projects for the future while creating our strategies.

We adopt the 17 Sustainable Development Goals created by world leaders who came together on issues such as ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and climate change. In this context, we prioritize the issues of reducing inequalities, decent work and economic growth, gender equality, climate action, accessible and clean energy, and take development goals into account when creating our strategies.

At Yavuzçehre, we never give up and we keep following innovations in our learning journey. 

We improve with effort for our employees.

We protect the world for our nature.

We fight for our society.

We become stronger together for our stakeholders

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Our Priority Sustainable Development Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call to action consisting of 17 universal goals applicable to countries. It was created to eliminate poverty, protect our planet, ensure that all people live in prosperity, and include global and local sustainable development practices. At Yavuzçehre, we prioritize gender equality, decent work and economic growth, reduction of inequalities, accessible and clean energy, and climate action.

"We are improving with effort and the strength we receive from our employees.

At Yavuzçehre, we believe that our employees are the most important part of our sustainability journey. Therefore, it is crucial for us to support them in actively playing a role in creating a sustainable future and to ensure their participation in the practices within the company.  

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"We protect nature for our future"

At Yavuzçehre, we prioritize nature. The environment constitutes the source of life for us and future generations. Therefore, protecting the environment and creating a sustainable future is one of our top priorities. In this regard, we take the following steps to minimize environmentally damaging practices in textile production.

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“We are becoming stronger together with our stakeholders.”

At Yavuzçehre, we believe that our stakeholders play an important role in creating a sustainable future. Therefore, we strive to create a sustainable future together by establishing transparent and open communication with our stakeholders, receiving their feedback and meeting their expectations.

We act with a sense of responsibility towards the world, our country, employees, society, and our internal and external stakeholders. We know that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can only be achieved through global partnership and cooperation. At Yavuzçehre, we embrace partnerships for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals included in the SDGs.  

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“We are fighting for the society.”

At Yavuzçehre, we are aware of our responsibilities towards society. For this reason, we established the ALİ YAVUZÇEHRE FOUNDATION to contribute to society.

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