"We are improving with effort and the strength we receive from our employees." 


The business world bears a great responsibility to combat gender inequality and gender-based discrimination. Equalçehre logo is a quadruple social dialogue mechanism that aims to combat all kinds of perceptions that create inequality and discrimination; It aims to carry out the negotiation process by collaborating with society, employees, public and non-governmental organizations.

Women's Career Development Program

Although the textile sector consists of a high number of female employees, it prevents women from taking top positions in managerial positions due to reasons such as gender roles, discriminatory working conditions, inadequate education and inequalities of opportunity. Against glass ceiling syndrome and socio-economic problems, at Yavuzçehre Tekstil, we care about the career development of our female employees and support them to take top positions. We make classifications regarding the careers of our female employees based on the work and actions they perform, and at the same time, we ensure that they are integrated into our programs with supportive practices for their development areas.

Improving with Labor

It is known that women who are subjected to violence in the world and in our country face obstacles in their entry into business life. In order to eliminate the difficulties faced by women and to support their participation in business life, we supported the vocational training of women who were victims of violence by establishing a vocational training band to ensure their employability in the textile industry. With the technical knowledge and experience gained, women who have been subjected to violence continue to work in business life. 

Early Diagnosis of Cancer

The health of our female employees in our business is important to us. Therefore, in order to raise awareness about breast cancer, uterine and cervical cancer, we provide our employees with free access to tests for health practices such as mammography, breast examination and smear test, where cancer can be diagnosed early.  

Safe Work Place

We attach importance to the life safety of the personnel working in our workplace and the healthy conduct of work. In addition, we ensure that the personnel coming to the company, the subcontractors we receive service from, and our visiting guests are supported and inspected regarding OHS rules within the company. 

Immigrant Women in Textile

According to our Diversity and Inclusion policy, all employees should feel valued regardless of age, gender, disability, religion, ethnicity and social origin. Our Immigrant Women in Textile project supports clients' inclusion in business life by training and employing women from different ethnic and social backgrounds. Working together with Denizli Public Education Center and ILO (International Labor Organization), we trained 10 refugee women with no professional experience in the textile field. At the end of the courses, some of the trainees are employed in our company, and some found jobs in different areas of our production network. With this project, Yavuzçehre was awarded the National Sustainable Business Award in 2020. 

WEPs – WEPs - Women's Empowerment Principles

As Yavuzçehre Tekstil, we are proud to join the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) developed by UN Women. This global initiative provides a framework for business to uphold women's empowerment and promote gender equality.

In our business, we strive to create an equal environment for our employees and unleash the potential of women. In this scope, gender equality and inclusion constitute the core values of our company. Our participation in WEPs reinforces our commitment to these principles.

Sign Language - Talking Hands

Our hearing impaired colleague inspires us with the fact that the basic human rights to ensure that deaf people, like everyone else, have access to their rights. We started our Talking Hands adventure.

As Yavuzcehre, the disability the issues that constitute the basis for the development of strategies for sustainable development is an inseparable part of our society. This recognition in line with the development of sign language, the alphabet of deaf people. To put an end to the communication problem due to lack of knowledge we are making the unheard visible.

In this context, in our first event, we collaborated with Telling Hands developed sign language training for 32 employees within the organization we launched in cooperation with.

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