In Yavuzçehre, we ensure that our employees work comfortably and happily in our modern and comfortable working areas. By creating a positive and motivating work environment, we encourage teamwork and productivity. By giving importance to continuous development and training, we help our employees maximize their potential.

We believe that happy employees are more productive and creative. And for this reason, the happiness and well-being of our employees is one of our top priorities. By regularly organizing social activities and entertainment, we enable our employees to better communicate with each other and have fun.


We offer high quality products because we plan everything down to the detail, from fabric production and sourcing to cutting and sewing, from quality control to the final product.
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We are responsible for monitoring and reporting the company's financial health and assisting with matters such as budgeting and investment planning. We also provide preparation and submission of declarations.


Our customer-focused marketing team has been working in the European market for many years. We use our strong communication skills to connect customers, designers and factories. We strive to deliver regular, sustainable, high-quality products to our customers at competitive prices and with fast delivery times.


Hiring and training new employees and offering employee benefits and programs. We also carry out the process of teaching the company culture to our employees by making programs that are beneficial for employees and aimed at their development.


At Yavuzçehre, we produce quality fabrics and finalize the product using our expert knowledge of raw materials and technology. This is one of the most important parts that defines our specialized business. We produce 70 tons of single jersey, interlock, rib and loopback fabrics every month.


At Yavuzçehre, we do not give up and follow innovations for our learning journey. We follow innovation, change and transform. We care about yesterday, today and tomorrow, and we develop projects for the future while creating our strategies. We take action within the framework of the actions we take. In this way, we act with the philosophy of creating a bright tomorrow for all our stakeholders in our sustainability strategies.
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Our quality policy is to take into consideration employee rights and the environment, and we strive to produce the highest quality clothing using the most efficient production methods. We carry out controls at every stage of production in accordance with the procedures, standards and routines determined by our customers. This includes fabric quality control, testing, sewing process standards, in-line and final inspections.


We are responsible for managing and analyzing all of the company's data sources. We also perform data analysis and reporting by ensuring the integrity of data security.

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Our Social Media Accounts:

Let us know what you think

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