"We protect nature for our future"

Ali Yavuzçehre Foundation 2023- Equal Labour Photography Competition
Niyazi GURGEN - Silver Medal

Solar Energy System

As Yavuzçehre, we act with awareness of our environmental responsibilities and aim to contribute to a clean, sustainable environment. With the solar energy system we implemented in 2021, we started to use green energy in production and in our electric vehicles. With this step, we not only meet our own energy needs, but also minimize our negative impact on the environment by preventing possible carbon emissions. We are proud to contribute to a sustainable future with the mission of leaving a clean world to future generations.

Rainwater Harvesting

The textile industry wastes more water than many other sectors because it uses large amounts of water in washing and dyeing processes.
We reduce our water consumption with our Rainwater Harvesting project. Since 2022, we have been storing rainwater in a reservoir with a roof system that collects rainwater and using it in our production after passing it through a filtering system.

Yarn from Scraps

After collecting the waste fabrics remaining in manufacturing in the textile industry, the fabrics are separated according to raw materials, colors and blends. After the separated textile wastes are classified according to their content and raw material properties, they are blended with recycled fibers and turned into yarn. In this way, we regenerate the fabrics that are a part of recycling and bring them back into the economy.

Carbon Footprint

Although the direct impact of the textile sector on global warming is not obvious, it leads to the spread of atmospheric pollutants due to the wide scope of the sector and its supply chain. The climate crisis, which is caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and has become a reality of our lives, continues to become more serious day by day and threatens the lives of all living things. As Yavuzçehre Tekstil, we are acting in line with our company's sustainability goals by starting to calculate the carbon footprint for the first time in 2021 to determine these impacts.

Waste Management

It is a waste management philosophy that prevents or reduces waste generation by using resources more efficiently, and if waste occurs, separates what can be recycled with correct separation methods from others and returns organic groups to their natural cycle with biodegradable methods. With this philosophy, we take into account the life cycle of waste and choose sustainable management for each waste group.

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