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The Code of Ethics determines the basic principles and standards that all employees and stakeholders must comply with, ensuring that we act ethically and responsibly and protect the reputation of our company. These rules are based on core values such as honesty, respect, fairness, compliance with the law, avoiding conflicts of interest, confidentiality and responsibility. Methods and authorities for assessing compliance with social compliance commitments, ethical standards and relevant legal requirements, confirming social compliance studies, reviewing the effectiveness of social compliance, determining the conditions required for social compliance, planning, executing, reporting internal audits for collecting systematic impartial evidence and eliminating non-conformities. and defines responsibilities.

Combating Forced and Child Labor
Fighting ill-treatment and Discrimination
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Supply Chain Traceability
Fighting Bribery and Corruption
Working in Healthy and Safe Conditions
Environmental Management System Applications
Chemical Traceability
%100 Chemical Compatibility
%100 Environmental Compatibility
%0 Child Labor
%20 Total rainwater use in manufacturing
%55 Total female workers rate
%100 Transparency
%100 Decent work
%100 Open door policy


As Yavuzçehre Tekstil, we offer our customers specially designed, durable and innovative 3D textile products. In this way, we design our products for our customers as quickly as possible and minimize negative environmental and social impacts.

Personalized designs: 3D textile products can be specially designed according to the needs and wishes of each customer. In this way, our customers feel special and unique.

Innovation: Our 3D textile products have extremely creative and original designs.


Organic Materials: Being aware of the negative effects of the textile and clothing industries on our world, we focus more on efforts to protect the environment and nature. Being aware of the depletion and value of nature day by day, we aim to create a sustainable production process by using organic and recycled fibers in our production. In this process, certification of fibers and supporting this awareness as Yavuzçehre are the most basic elements of our aim to protect natural resources and leave a clean environment for future generations.

Chemical Compatibility

In our company, we act in line with our goals of awareness in chemical use and compliance with customer standards. We conduct risk assessments before using chemicals to assess adverse effects on human and environmental health. We also prevent the use of chemicals prohibited in the MRSL V 3.0 list in our business. We minimize risk by using registered chemicals through the ZDHC Gateway system. In this way, we aim to minimize the damage to the environment by reducing the amount of hazardous chemicals in our products and wastewater. We continue our work towards this goal by constantly improving our Chemical Inventory system.

The Supplier to Zero

The main aim of "The Supplier to Zero" program is to provide practical application guidance for improvement in textile mills based on the existing ZDHC chemical management framework. In this process, from Policies to Strategy; From occupational health safety to chemical inventory; From storage conditions to training and process management; We received a basic level certificate in this program, where the business is evaluated in many aspects, from air emissions to waste disposal process.

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