Our Story

  1. Yavuzçehre was established as a fabric manufacturer in Denizli.
  2. We first started by producing home textiles and products in that product range.
  3. By doing research and development on baby and children's clothes, we have become one of the strongest manufacturers in this field.
  4. We increased the monthly production capacity in Yavuzçehre to 1.5 million.
  5. We proudly established our design center in Turkiye.
  6. We established our Yavuzçehre Izmir organization.
  7. We continued our expansion by opening design offices in London and Barcelona.
  8. We transitioned to our Yavuzçehre Green Building, where we obtain energy from the sun and water for manufacturing from rain harvesting.
  9. We published our first sustainability report.
  10. We established the Ali Yavuzçehre Foundation.



A platform full of surprises that will instantly inform our EMPLOYEES about the developments in our company, ask and convey their opinions instantly through surveys to be organized, remember and remind birthdays and special moments on your behalf, strengthen our internal communication channels, and enable us to say "hello" to our new friends who have joined us.


Yavuzçehre gym and basketball court are accessible to all our employees who care about both their physical and mental health. Our gym has equipment suitable for employees of all levels. We have a variety of equipment such as fitness machines, weight stations, yoga and pilates equipment.
Our gym is open for free use 2 days a week for 1 hour during working hours to help our employees reduce work stress, stay in shape and adopt a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, our employees can use the gym and basketball court unlimitedly outside working hours.
We are also used to playing 3v3 matches and working up a sweat on the basketball court in our company. One day we are waiting for you to break sweat with us in a basketball match.


A brand new era begins in the lives of our male employees as fathers when their spouses give birth. This is a period when they will want to spend more time with both their spouses and their babies. As Yavuzçehre Tekstil, we want to help our employees have the best time during this special period. For this reason, we offer our male employees one day of paid paternity leave a week for four months, above the legal regulations.


We offer daycare services to our employees at our workplace. If you work in Yavuzçehre, you will no longer have to worry about the care of your children. In this way, you will be able to focus more on your work and family life. Our kindergarten service contributes to the development of your children. In our daycare, children are offered various activities such as games, dance, swimming, English, music, art and sports. Thanks to these activities, the social, emotional and cognitive development of our employees' children is supported.

Yavuzçehre Amphitheaters


As Yavuzçehre Tekstil, we attach importance to training to support the career development of our employees. For this reason, we are happy to host experts and experienced names in their fields from time to time, both in our Yavuzçehre Tekstil amphitheater and in our amphitheater at the Ali Yavuzçehre Foundation. Our employees can use the Lecture Hall created for Yavuzçehre Academy for a quiet working environment, as well as learn about the economy by listening to Özgür Demirtaş, burst into laughter by listening to Kaan Sekban, or look at life from a different perspective with the narrations of Ahmet Şerif İzgören. can look. We are looking forward to the days when we will host many wonderful guests.

Ali Yavuzçehre Foundation Amphitheaters


We work to support the education of our employees' children and contribute to their future. It is a great pleasure for us to support our children, the stars of our future, so that they can continue their education. For this reason, we provide scholarships to the successful and university-going children of our employees. Our scholarship program is designed to help our employees cover some of their children's educational expenses.


We continue to implement our continuous improvement strategy on behalf of both our employees and our business in order to create a respectful and inclusive working environment for our employees. While food is a vital part of our culture, access to food is a matter of social justice. We pay attention to the daily calorie consumption of our employees by paying attention to the necessary protein and carbohydrate distribution in the monthly menu contents created by our Food Committee. For our employees who avoid the consumption of animal-derived products for ethical, health, environmental or religious reasons, we take care not to choose products containing animal products.


The availability of unlimited coffee means a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy coffee at any time of the day, anywhere. The smell of coffee in every corner of Yavuzçehre surrounds all offices and creates a separate source of motivation while working. We are happy to introduce you to our unlimited coffee varieties that we prepare for both Yavuzçehre employees and our visitors from outside. So, would you like to have coffee?


Behind Yavuzçehre's success is not only quality products and customer satisfaction. Yavuzçehre also makes a difference with the fun and dynamic environment it offers to its employees. The party always continues at Yavuzçehre Tekstil. Employees socialize with each other and increase their motivation through social events, competitions, trips and celebrations organized outside of working hours.

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