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As Yavuzçehre Textile we owe our success, which we carried to present day, to the principles of business ethics. Our greatest aim is to establish a correct communication and relationship with our employees, suppliers and customers who are all part of Yavuzçehre family. Our sensitivity to social and environmental issues like, employee health, child labor prevention, maltreatment, negative discrimination, positive discrimination in female employment, on time payment of wages, fair use of subcontractor, management understanding based on human rights and industrial pollution are extremely high. We work hardly to establish quality and healthy environments by taking necessary measures in order to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. With transparent and human-oriented approaches, we keep our stakeholder satisfaction at the maximum level and use the competitive advantage in a fair manner. Thus, we are experiencing the rising above common benefits by welcoming those who are willing to take personal and institutional responsibilities and ready to be involved in our production process. Currently, we produce more than 20.000.000 parts in 10.000 m² production area and we provide employment to 1000 people with our main and sub-units. In 2017, by establishing a design center which is one of 22 design centers in Turkey and one of 7 design centers in Denizli, we are institutionalizing our design and brand works. Thus, we transform our work ethic experience that we have brought up to today into a qualified design strength. As Yavuzçehre family, we see, moving forward by staying true to every point we reach is a password of reaching our goals. Beyond baby wear, we renew our marketing and distribution mechanisms continuously with our product range which we expand as a teen clothing, maternity clothing and sportswear. We follow the sector conjuncture closely and continue our design and brand works with the same discipline. We are proud to continue our journey with our accessory, T-shirt and sportswear brand TIBURON and our baby wear brand CLUBEDI which are all prepared with all details in-house.

Our History

We started our journey in the sector with the production of knitted fabric in 1994 as Yavuzcehre Textile. We continued to move forward by making strong investments to increase capacity. In 1996, we established our first home textile and garment production lines. We have experienced the happiness of presenting our bed sheets and dressing gowns to our domestic and foreign customers. We did research and development works on baby clothing. In 1998, we included quality baby clothes that we produced into our export-oriented business plans as one of the firsts of our region. We have been efficiently using our knitting, cutting, sewing, quality control and packing lines which can produce GOTS-TR, OCS-TR, OEKO-TEX certified organic products in our facilites located in Denizli Organized Industrial Zone since 2000.


Welcome to Yavuzcehre Tekstil

We owe our success of today,
to the principles of

business ethics that we stick to

We Are Yavuzcehre

Yavuzcehre Textile SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş.
We owe our success of today
to the principles of business ethics that we stick to.

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Our Departments

Let's get to know our expert team and departments.

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Marketing Department Yavuzcehre Textile

Our aim as marketing department is to give the best service to our customers according to their expectations of speed, quality, flexibility, design and price. The main motivation of our department, which combines marketing activities and planning under the same roof, is to create a fast and competitive marketing department by using the most accurate tools in the fastest way possible without loosing connections with production.


Kumaş Departmanı
Fabric Department Yavuzcehre Textile

We combine technology, qualified manpower and knowledge with high quality raw material and produce fabric according to the demands of our customers and in accordance with high quality standards with sustainable processes in requested lead times.

Konfeksiyon Departmanı
Garment Department Yavuzcehre Textile

Our department, which is responsible for the organization of the garment manufacturing that the main operation of our company, does the planning of the operations of cutting, sewing, quality control, ironing and packaging operations within the specified quality and organization standards. While we provide a standardized manufacturing in both our insourced and outsourced manufacturing, we plan the most efficient semi-finished goods distribution between our production units. While planning the production according to environment and employees' health conditions, we recognize fast and high quality production as the main motivation source.

Kalite Güvence Departmanı
Quality Assurance Department Yavuzcehre Textile

By recognizing customer satisfaction at the highest level; Making the products reach the customers on time, complete and in desired quality is our main goal. Our quality policy; to provide the highest quality product in an environmentally friendly way by using the most efficient production method, protecting the rights of employees and customers at the highest level. As quality assurance department; from arrival of the fabric to the factory, we carry out our controls in all processes in accordance with the procedures, standards and routines determined according to the demands of the customer's. We do fabric quality control, laboratory activities, sewing process control, interlude controls and final controls performed in both at subcontractor's and our own quality control departments. We also carry out the audits of the quality systems we have set up for our us and subcontractors in order to ensure the quality to be sustainable.

Muhasebe ve Finans Departmanı
Accounting and Finance Department Yavuzcehre Textile

Our department, which has full integration with other departments, serving to the goal of increasing the competition capacity of the company by using modern accounting and financing tools. We are responsible for the supplier loyalty and developing good relationship with them, the efficiency of the relations between the banks and our company, implementation of the annual budget in discipline all the year round and confirming the comparison of the estimated costs of all shipments to the actual costs. We work with the aim of increasing the competitive power by minimizing risks such as exchange rate, interest rate with the help of risk analysis works.

Lojistik Departmanı
Logistics Department Yavuzcehre Textile

We plan the whole process until the product we produce enters our customers' warehouses. With its expert staff, who is aware of the cost of making mistakes, our team is responsible for high quality completion of the production process. We manage processes of preparation of export or import documents of our company, planning of logistics organizations in an ideal way, foreign exchange transactions and follow-up of the results of these transactions.

Sürdürülebilirlik Departmanı
Sustainability Department Yavuzcehre Textile

We, as the sustainability department, are responsible for the social compliance activities in our internal and external production units operating for our company, the fair functioning of employee rights, the fulfillment of occupational health and safety responsibilities, the environmental responsibilities, the preparation of training plans to increase employee awareness, and the smooth functioning of the projects we carry out jointly with the customers we work with. We, as Yavuzcehre Tekstil and all sub-producers, are a part of HIGG system, a global social and environmental compliance assessment system. We are being audit by other global social compliance organizations, such as BSCI and SEDEX, we provide the necessary compliance within this framework.

İnsan Kaynakları Departmanı
Human Resources Department Yavuzcehre Textile

We aim to create a happy employee profile that embraces our company. We are using all of our resources to protect all legal and social rights of our employees. We smoothly manage the processes of storing all personnel's personal files, preparing payrolls, following up and planning the necessary trainings and controls, running all processes from the beginning of employment to leaving. Çalışanlarımızın yazılı ve sözlü dileklerini, şikayetlerini ve önerilerini derhal işler ve çözeriz. We are working with the belief that customer satisfaction will not be achieved without ensuring employee satisfaction.

Tasarım Departmanı
Design Department Yavuzcehre Textile

With our expert team in our department, where the dreams are transformed to drawings and drawings to production, we follow the current trends and transfer these trends to marketing and production departments. And we bring those suitable to production into reality.

Halkla İlişkiler Departmanı
Public Relations Department Yavuzcehre Textile

We manage the communication mechanisms as a whole in order to express our company's vision, mission and ethical values in the best way possible to all our stakeholders. We work to ensure that social responsibility projects, social activities, advertising and promotional activities, media planning and budgeting processes are best achieved.

Yazılım Departmanı
Software Department Yavuzcehre Textile

We produce computer software by conducting research and development activities for our company's needs.

Kalıp Departmanı
Pattern Department Yavuzcehre Textile

We prepare patterns, do sample studies and prepare templates for the new models according to the demands of our customers and our design center, and we complete the process quickly.

Veri Yönetimi Departmanı
Data Management Department Yavuzcehre Textile

We record all data generated during the operations of our company in accordance with the principles of data security and data reliability. We report recorded data sets contained in large data, in a sustainable, accurate and meaningful way. During the continuous and up-to-date data flow, as the Data Management Unit, we ensure the planning of business intelligence applications that will improve efficiency and predictability skills in processes.

Sourcing Departmanı
Sourcing Department Yavuzcehre Textile

In order to find new suppliers, we make a market research and determine the most appropriate supplier among the suppliers and price the needs to be purchased.

Aksesuar Departmanı
Accessories Warehouse Yavuzcehre Textile

We manage the procurement and distribution process of all the materials required for the production units of our company.

Our Activities

We are socializing with our employees

NO to Violence Against Women - 3.12.2018

On November 30, 2018, we organized a seminar which the Social Service Specialist Halit Karabulut and Sociologist Serap Kartal, from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, the Center for Violence Monitoring and Prevention (ŞÖNİM) gave information about violence types, violence against women, gender equality and domestic violence.

Support to Two Schools - 26.11.2018

Manisa Sarıgöl Çakmakçı Primary School 4th Grade deficiencies have been completed. The class was painted, and the floor was paved with parquet. The cabinets in the classroom were repaired. For the students who needed to move more frequently due to their age, suitable environments were prepared. Children's books were purchased for their age and a library was built. Within the scope of Denizli Ateşböceği Association's There is Art in the Village project, the renovation work of Gümüşdere Village Primary School in Tavas, Denizli was supported. In the scope of this project, incomplete equipment was completed and a kindergarten class was renewed. A cinema hall and a hobby room were created with the students of the school.

Organ Donation Awareness Meeting - 9.11.2018

  • organBagisiFarkindalik

    Organ Donation Awareness Meeting

    YAVUZÇEHRE Gallery

We organized Organ Donation Awareness Meeting on November 8, 2014 with the participation of intensive care specialist Dr. Burcu Başarık Aydoğan, nurse Semra Atalay and Organ Transplant Coordinator Yusuf Hazar from Denizli Provincial Directorate of Health.

Women's Empowerment Principles - 9.11.2018

  • kadininGuclenmesi

    Women's Empowerment Principles

    YAVUZÇEHRE Gallery

We have signed Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a seven-article guideline, which is a joint initiative of the United Nations Women's Unit and the United Nations Global Compact, designed for social gender equality and empowering women in the workplace, markets and society.

Çanakkale Trip - 16.10.2018

On October 5, 2018, we were in Çanakkale to witness our history closely.

Being a Mother and Father with Rights and Wrongs Training - 17.07.2018

The training of "BEING A MOTHER AND FATHER WITH RIGHTS AND WRONGS" was carried out by Psychologist Kübra Kaplan on July 5, 2018 Thursday in the Organized Industrial Zone Seminar Hall.

”Early Diagnosis of Cancer“ Project - 26.02.2018

Our "Early Diagnosis of Cancer" project's information meeting has been held in coorperation with Ekpen Tekstil-Denipol Hospital with the attance of Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Hasan Telat SATOĞLU and all female employees on February 22, 2018.

Ottoman Day at Cafeteria - 20.02.2018

On February 20, 2018, we met with Ottoman tastes and culture in our cafeteria.

Premiere Vision - 20.02.2018

We attended the Premiere Vision Show between 13-15 February 2018.

Teamwork and Collaboration Training - 9.12.2017

On December 9, 2017, "BEING TEAMMATE AND EMPLOYEESHIP" training was held Under the guidance of the founder of Humanica Executive Counseling Center for Special Education and Services Barbaros Kon at the Conference Hall of the Organized Industrial Zone.

Crisis and Risk Management - 11.11.2017

On November 11, 2017, "CRISIS AND RISK MANAGEMENT" training was held under the guidance of the founder of Humanica Executive Consultancy Special Education and Services Center Dr. Barbaros Kon at Şiir Butique Hotel.

Buldan Plateau Lake Picnic - 30.10.2016

On October 30, 2016, we had a picnic with our employees at Buldan Plateau Lake.

Basic Photography Training - 1.11.2014

On November 1, 2014, "BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY" training took place within our factory under the guidance of Assist. Assoc. Dr. Bekir Ince.

Effective Body Language Training - 21.06.2014

On June 21, 2014, "EFFICIENT BODY LANGUAGE" training was carried out in our factory under the guidance of Trainer Nilgün Özkan from Humanica Training and Services Center.

Stress Management Training - 17.05.2014

On 17 May 2014, "STRESS MANAGEMENT" training was held under the guidance of Psychologist Besim Ogelman within our factory.

Team Work and Dynamics Training - 12.04.2014

On April 12, 2014, "TEAM WORK AND DYNAMICS" training was held within our factory under the guidance of Teaching Assistant Dr. Bülent Cerit from ITU Department of Industrial Engineering.

Conflict Management Training - 15.03.2014

  • catismaYonetimi

    Conflict Management Training

    YAVUZÇEHRE Gallery

On March 15, 2014, "CONFLICT MANAGEMENT" training organized by ITU was held in the training hall of our factory under the guidance of Bülent Cerit.

Earthquake Training - 24.11.2011

On November 24, 2011, EARTHQUAKE TRAINING was held within our factory with the contribution of AKUT Denizli Regional Directorate.

Blood Donation to Red Crescent Blood Center - 22.09.2011

On September 22, 2011, our employees donated blood to RED CRESCENT BLOOD CENTER.

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